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BTopenworld Call Centre Misbehaves?

BTopenworld and their support call centre for broadband seems to doing it's best to develop a bad name for itself. Over the weekend a user posted a problem with connecting to the BTopenworld service, he received an Error 718, both for his ISP login and the generic test login.

Where this gets interesting is that he reported it at 1.30am on Saturday morning to the Openworld helpdesk who apparently escalated it at 7:39am that morning after an engineer visited the exchange. The user managed to reconnect on Sunday but still gets intermittent authentication problems on reporting this today and to chase up the Saturday call he was informed that the helpdesk must have been mistaken on Saturday as no engineer was sent to the exchange. So which was it? Those who've had an ADSL fault will know that it's normally 24-48 hours minimum before BTwholesale get someone to an exchange during the week. The user is currently still waiting to hear what Openworld have arranged with BTwholesale.

This follows on from various users been told by the BTOpenworld orders desk to ask BT to turn up the gain on their phone lines after a failed ADSL woosh test as this will help them to pass and submit another order. The problem here is that this is bogus advice as the gain control on the phone line only affects the voice frequency range.

Perhaps it's time for BTopenworld to look seriously at how the call centres are run and what actual advice is often given to users. This is the same helpdesk that denied the Peer to Peer throttling since September 17th 2001.


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