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ITV appears on iTunes

ITV has joined the BBC and Channel 4 in offering its content for download and purchase on iTunes. This deal means some 260 hours of programmes will be up for sale starting at £1.89 per episode.

Compared to the plans for Kangaroo that the ITV, BBC and Channel 4 are jointly working which may see some 10,000 hours of material available the iTunes announcement is small.

The content on iTunes supplements the digital content already available online via the ITV Catch Up service which currently ony makes material available for thirty days.

In other video news a new video player has surfaced, Zattoo which offers some 23 live channels to UK audiences, including BBC Three, CBBC, Channel 4 and Channel Five. The service looks at the geographic information from your IP address to determine which channels it can show and warns people that to view TV content may well require a TV license, which for the UK is the case.

The player streams video at around 600 to 700Kbps with a picture quality not unlike the various broadcasters catch-up services. Interestingly it also appears to make use of your upstream capacity at rates between 50Kbps and 400Kbps (this does stop as soon as you close the player).

Zattoo seems to have attracted the attention of some TV companies lawyers according to Brand Republic which may dent its plans for some 450,000 registered UK users.


I just downloaded Zatto,and cannot register.
There is no way I can log in to see what Zatto is.A page comes up and says there isa a problem because it isn't a trusted website.Do I have to fiddle around with my setting at all,anyone know?

  • zolabud
  • over 12 years ago

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