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Wires-Only/Self Install Info

Some more information about these areas that are been worked on by BTwholesale.

A micro-filter trial using BT employees will go ahead in August 2001 with an evaluation at the end of the month at which point BTwholesale intend to make a decision as to whether micro-filters will work. The trial with end-users and ISP's taking part should be around October/November time, with it becoming a full product in early 2002. At the time of the live launch it appears that self-install will become the default option for the BTipstream products.

With regard to the micro-filters, every extension in the house will require one, otherwise you will get the breakthrough from the DSL modem and it's envisaged presently that the micro-filters will be available from the ISP's or normal retail channels, i.e. it should work the same as phones do these days, in that you can buy them from anywhere.

In relation the wires-only component they are envisaging that ISP's will supply these, or ISP's will allow end-users a free choice - this raises the idea of 'broadband-in-a-box' from retailers, with BT only been involved at the exchange end.

Figures on the cost savings of these plans are vague but reductions upwards of £25 in the install fee and £5-£10 off the monthly cost are been mentioned. These figures are very much ball park figures but with last weeks reduction we could be looking at DSL for £25/month in 2002 and £75-£99 installation fees.

With the reduction in price and the freedom that these options will produce the kick needed to take the UK DSL market out of the early adopter frame and into the mass market appeal arena.


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