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BTopenworld's Setup

I have become aware of the current setup of the BTopenworld 'Operational Readiness Trial' (ORT). This is the trial of USB equipment, which was available on only 13exchanges in the London area at the time.

- IP addresses are assigned by a DHCP server; although static IP's may be possible in the future
- NAT is used, so no incoming connections are possible.

Also, some additional information has been leaked from a BT engineer:

- Install delays for USB may be because a software upgrade at the exchange a few weeks ago screwed everything up.
- A 'guninea pig' setup exists where they have succesfully setup a user running ADSL 4.5km from the exchange.
- The sales and support side is incapable to handle the roll out of ADSL at 100s of premises a day, where they are currently running at 20 or 30.
- This is not really a problem though due an extreme lack of engineers trained to do the install.

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