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USB Service Price Decrease Bombshell

BTwholesale have announced a price drop in the BTipstream 500 service.

As from September 1st 2001, the price will drop from £35/month to £30/month

In addition they have announced plans to run a field pilot in the next month for self-install ADSL, i.e. micro-filters which combined with the 'wires-only' option is intended to increase the demand for the service.

Paul Reynolds, CEO of BT Wholesale, said: "This pricing initiative is part of BT Wholesale's ongoing commitment to stimulate demand for broadband services in the UK.

The press release doesnt mention whether the price cut will be passed onto ISP's for end-users who are currently in their initial 12 month contract term.

Currently BTwholesale have 940 exchanges enabled for DSL services and 70,000 ADSL users, with 2000 been added each week. In anticpation of an increase in demand from the price cut and new product options BTwholesale are geared up to increase the number of installs per week.


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