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Latest performance figures from Epitiro

Every quarter Epitiro publishes the results of its monitoring of broadband providers and the company has now released its latest data.

Epitiro ADSL Internet Performance Indicator Report
Rank Q2 2007 Q1 2007 Q4 2006 Q3 2006 Q2 2006
2 Demon Demon Pipex Pipex Virgin
3 Tiscali AOL Orange Demon Demon
4 Pipex Pipex Demon PlusNet AOL
5 Plusnet TalkTalk Virgin Virgin Orange

The Epitiro table is produced by monitoring ten of the large broadband providers, which is why many smaller names do not ever show up. The overall ranking is arrived at by averaging the results from a number of metrics, which include HTTP download speed, ping times, FTP download/upload speeds, DNS lookup times, packet loss and connection times. The exact figures for each provider are not published so it is not possible to know how close the providers are, but for example on ping times the top 5 providers all gave identical performance.

The testing takes place from nine locations around the UK, which are Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Hook, London, Manchester, Swansea, and Teesside. A total of 722,623 data points are collected to produce the results over the course of the three month monitoring period.


Dear Sirs
Looking at the catchment area you've used to obtain what you may call a true and correct reading, you are missing out a vast swath of this green and pleasant land, by not counting East York's, Lincolnshire and East Anglia plus much more. Wake and start counting those in the sticks, they suffer the most of all.

  • Derby
  • over 13 years ago

Reads like a whos who of the UK's worst providers. All this tells anyone is who is best of a bad bunch, or which ISPs are big. Pretty useless IMO.

  • rygar1
  • over 13 years ago

722623 data points from nine locations out of an installed userbase of over 11 million is not a representative sample.

In addition, only those ISPs which use Epitiro's monitoring and benchmarking services are included.

  • Silvereyes
  • over 13 years ago

Yes exactly, that is not a true and correct reading at all. I dont understand when im reading customer comments about the ISP's listed hardly any are positive

  • lt567
  • over 13 years ago

You just have to look at the fora of any of the ISPs there (particularly BT with their ridiculous throttling measures) to find out that their performance is diabolical in a real-life situation.

  • chrisblore
  • over 13 years ago

Having been a long term customer of two of the highest rated ISP's (BT and Pipex) I must agree with the consensus of opinion, this list is more of a what ISP to avoid at all cost, cost being the operative word. I'm now with SkyBB and couldn't be happier!


  • TonyP
  • over 13 years ago

Shame their monitoring doesn't extend to customer service and how they respond to fault reports. That's an equally (arguably more) important measure of ISP quality. Couldn't possibly see BT being no. 1 if that were included, given their propensity to tell a different tale every time they're called for a fault progress report (and I'm talking busines broadband here) and also to unilaterally close a fault report.

  • mpellatt
  • over 13 years ago

From the ISPs in that chart i can only assume Epitiro spend their days with their heads stuck firmly in the staff sandpit.
Using the word "performance" with some of those listed should be illegal.

  • over 13 years ago

Epitiro has asked for the following to be posted in response to the comment that only providers 'which use Epitiro's monitoring and benchmarking services are included'

It is wrong to say that Epitiro only monitor ISPs that use their monitoring and benchmarking services. PlusNet are not a client. Epitiro's monitoring services are used by many of the UK's top ISPs so it would be very difficult to avoid monitoring and including them in the report.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 13 years ago

Well i'm getting Demon in the next few months so i'm glad they've climbed the table. I hear good things about them.

  • lierobs
  • over 13 years ago

That list is the biggest joke I have ever seen. How Orange get onto any list apart from the worst BB provder is beyond me.

If Epitiro had any credibility in the industry, releasing this list has just ruined it.

  • Shempz
  • over 13 years ago

why do these figures continue to be published on this site? a way to promote BT? sorry but the fact they only use 10 isps and they dont test performance of things like p2p is a big flaw.

  • chrysalis
  • over 13 years ago

What possible practical value does this ranking list have?...As a guide to anyone seeking the best value in terms of reliability, etc, it is worse than useless, so why does it continue to be published?

  • lurcher10
  • over 13 years ago

I challenge any research that would result in Orange being placed in the top three!

  • richardbees
  • over 13 years ago

One of the most unbelievable table of results I've ever seen!! The premature rollout of LLU has caused some of the biggest headaches for BB users mainly due to the dash to beat the other rival ISP's service.If this criteria and general Customer Service (or lack of) had been included in the cross section..I think the results would have looked considerably different!!

  • beebrooke39
  • over 13 years ago

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