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Ofcom will it be too late?

From various Media sources it appears that Ofcom wont be up and running with any forth of regulatory teeth until 2003, and that date is dependent upon the government finding time to fit the bill in.

Ofcom is to be a merging of various Media regulators, in the same way that Internet and TV appear to be converging it will be made up from the existing 5 bodies of Oftel, ITC, the Radio Authority, the Broadcasting Standards Commission, and the Radiocommunications Agency. The proposed size of the committee at present is around five to seven people, but media people are saying it should have more people, to provide a more balanced view on taste and decency matters. This and the balance of telecomms to TV/Radio bodies, suggests the internet and access methods may be seen as a sundry task.

The real question will be is Ofcom going to have the teeth and courage to cope with BT and other Teleco's in the UK and fight for consumers, or will it pander to the industries desires as has appearred to be the case in the past.


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