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Tele2 Rejig Packages

Seems Tele2 the Wireless-DSL provider have repriced the service to make it more flexible. An unlimited 512kbps now runs at £39.99 per month this includes a private IP address (NAT) and a USB connection to your computer.

The business package with a public IP address and ethernet connection is £94.99 per month.

The flexibility comes in that it appears you can regrade to a 64kbps symmetric service for just £25/month, instead of the £39.99 for a 512kbps/256kbps service. Regrades to speeds of upto 1Mbps are available but this rises to £900/month, interesting temporary bandwidth upgrades are available.

Price wise this doesnt look as attractive as the original Tele2 packages, the use of NAT for the single user package may make life difficult people running server applications from home.


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