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Soap opera for Biscit customers continues is reporting that Breathe has managed to acquire some of Biscit's customer base. The customers acquired were those whose service was connected via EurISP/Your Communications. People can watch out for more news on this at

It has been a very stressful week for many former V21 customers, so we are extremely pleased to have reached a deal with EurISP. This will now provide a safe home for the 1500 or so customers that have been stuck in limbo

Marcus East, breathe's Chief Executive

It also seems Biscit has sold its assets to O-bit Telecom Ltd. The Biscit website confirms that existing customer contracts have not been sold, and any decision by a consumer to go with O-bit services is their own. However, a confusing email has been sent to some Biscit customers by O-bit saying that they have acquired the customer base.

Biscit sells assets to O-bit Telecom Limited - 19th March, 2007
The administrator on behalf of Biscit, on 19th March 2007, sold some of the assets*, including the rights to the biscit domain names and web hosting, to O-bit Telecom Limited (O-BIT).

For further information, customers may contact O-BIT on 0871 473 0000.

* The administrator has not sold the existing customer contracts to O-BIT and makes no representations whatsoever in respect of any the services provided by O-BIT. Customers entering into new arrangements with O-BIT do so at their own risk.

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One area that has received little coverage is that of small businesses that were using the Biscit SDSL packages. Fluidata has been in touch to let us know they have a way of expediting SDSL orders on the Cable & Wireless Access network which should get businesses back up and running in a few weeks.


what happend to all the lost email's that v21 customers never got!? Someone out there must know the answer!

  • WildJohnny1
  • over 13 years ago

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