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Demon discouraging ADSL users

Demon/Thus pulled out of LLU some time ago, but they seem to be doing their best to discourage take up of the BTignite DSL service they resell.

Ex-triallists (around 450 users) from the ADSL trials in Mar/April 2000 are often overcharged the latest been a figure of £1900 for 12 months service - it should have been £370 for the year, i.e. ex-triallists rate for the 9 months left of the intial 12 month term. To make matters worse it was taken as a one off sum from the users credit card. This has affected a high proportion of the ex-triallists with lack of VAT invoices or any type of invoice causing problems as well. The original excuse was that a new billing system was installed in August 2000 - but these mistakes are still been made.

Also if appears that Demon are refusing to take orders for HH/ISDN->ADSL conversions. The actual conversion is normally carried out by BTignite and all the ISP has to do is tell Ignite that a conversion is required. The conversions have now been a live service since 11th May 2001 after extensive trials. At this time we are not aware of any other ISP's running a similar policy and Ignite do offer the ISDN->ADSL conversion to all ISP's. We contacted Thus's press department early this morning about this but no information has been forthcoming.

This seems at odds with Demon's website where that state Our commitment to our customers has made Demon a byword for efficiency, flexibility and excellence. this may have been the case in 1992, but not in 2001.


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