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ADSL Delay rumours - Clarification

There have been some rumours recently that ADSL is to be delayed for a few more months as BT could not find enough trialists. Today I spoke to a source within BT who advised that the Ethernet version had indeed launched and people who have registered for BTopenworld will begin to recieve calls to arrange installation dates.

They also explained that the other ISP's who are offering the Ethernet service will begin their rollout in their own time (some perhaps immediatley). There is a delay, however, for the USB version which will be marketed towards the residential user due to its lower costs. This is currently on trial, known as the ORT (Operation Readiness Testing) trial, by those lucky enough to have signed up to BTopenworld and be on one of the USB enabled exchanges, and also by BT staff. They hope to launch at the end of August / early September.

In short, there is nothing new except that those who want the Ethernet version can now actually place their orders and book installations. Only time will tell if there are likely to be anymore delays.

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