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News on some of the ongoing developments have made it our way.

BTignite are saying that some ADSL enabled exchanges are very under used, with some having less that 10 users, apparently pressure has been exerted on ISP's to push take up in these areas. Ignite say ISP's are to blame - but how can they expect ISP's to offer ADSL at a reasonable price and afford to advertise is difficult to understand.

Apparently there have been improvements in the times taken for Ignite to fix faults, it's down from a 4.5day (37 hour) to a 3.5 day (28 hour) - not great but an improvement none the less. This may improve with the release of an SLA in August and SLG around December (Service Level Agreement and Service Level Guarantee).

For all those people waiting for G.DMT 'wires-only' interface - we can look forward to a trial in the Autumn - no indications of pricing or whether existing users will be included.

LSS (Limited Service Selection) i.e. ability for a user to switch between two different gateways to an ISP, is due for launch on 9th July - now some Openworld users already do this - but the 9th July should see a proper product available to ISP's the aim is provide better resilence in the network. Unfortunately it doesnt appear to be intended for having a backup connection with a different ISP.


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