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Demon finds a conscience....

It appears that someone at Demon Internet has had a change of heart in respect to the ADSL trailists.

After having the deadline to signup (or lose service on 29th June 2000) extended until sunday 25th June at 6pm; they have now all been offered unconditionally 3 free months service until september 29th 2000, after which there is no obligation to keep the ADSL service.

Trialists can then opt to change to when of the other packages, available including the USB one, at no cost. If USB is not available, those users who have ordered this will be upgraded to the Demon Express Plus package at no extra cost.

Maybe this turn about came due to threat of several law suits, bad publicity (TheRegister / TheMatrix), or people terminating their accounts. None the less.. I am sure that there are many happier Demon customers out there now


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