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Oftel announce new Local Loop measures

In a recent announcement from David Edmonds (director general - Oftel), BT has been ordered to lower its rates for competitors to install their own equipment into local exchanges.

The government has finally come to its senses and identified broadband as the key to maintaining a competitive edge in the hi-tech arena. The new measures essentially allow competitors to install equipment into vital parts of the exchange and BT are obliged to provide space where available (up to now, the telecommunications giant has denied that space exists in certain areas). Finally, there will be no need for voice equipment to be purchased and installed by other companies. Once again, BT was insisting that ISPs must adhere to this ridiculous requirement!

This is a desperate attempt by Oftel to remove the egg from their faces after an appalling mismanagement of the Local Loop Unbundling (LLU). The telecommunications watchdog has lacked the courage to make such critical decisions in a long while.

How will the new measures benefit you?
Businesses interested in providing broadband in your area are one step closer to actually doing it. The new rulings from Oftel make it more cost effective to install equipment into your local exchange. All in all, broadband internet access will become cheaper.

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