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Reminder about Exchange work

The final stage of preparations for RADSL will occur this weekend.

So if you drop sync on Saturday - your connected to a Fujitsu DSLAM, if it's a Sunday your connected an Alcatel DSLAM, if neither well either you dont have ADSL or your on the ethernet based service.

23rd to 24th June - A system software upgrade internal to BTignite so that new products (e.g. SDSL,RADSL) can be issued. Should not affect users, but a delay in processing of orders may occur.

23rd June - Users on Fujitsu DSLAM's with USB service will be switched to the Rate Adaption (RADSL) service between 1pm and 6pm. This will result in a 2-3 second outage and a re-sync with the exchange. NOTE: If your install was borderline, there is a small chance that you may resync with a slower upstream after this upgrade. Your downstream speeds will remain identical. Users connected at the time of the outage will have to reconnect to their service provider.

24th June 1pm to 6pm - Alcatel DSLAM USB Users will be switched to the RADSL profile. Again, users connected will have to reconnect to their service provider.


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