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RADSL Live Date Set

Wednesday 18th July 2001

The date a lot of people have been waiting for. From this date all BTipstream 500 (USB) service installs will be done to a new set of installation limits. There are no price changes involved, i.e. BTignite are not changing the wholesale price for the service.

These new limits will extend the reach of the current ADSL service to around 5.5km from the exchange, of course the actual distance will vary according to the quality of your phone line. The actual figure to watch out for i.e. the real pass fail mark is a whoosh test result of 55dB - below this and you should be able to have RADSL.

RADSL is Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line - or 'extended reach ADSL' in some circles. This means for the UK BTignite rollout, that everyone's downstream on the USB service will remain at 512kbps, but for those users over 3.5km, i.e. above the 41dB pass mark the upstream will vary between 64kbps and 256kbps depending on the quality of the phone line. The variation will only occur when the modem sync's with the exchange, so once a session is started unless you re-sync the modem by powering it down then you will get the same upstream speed all the time. One by product is that users who are close to the existing limits and suffer frequent resyncs of the modem may see less resyncs but possibly have a lower upstream speed.

ISP's are taking applications for the pilot scheme which runs from 25th June to 18th July, each ISP has the option of 5 places on the pilot - some ISP's have already filled these places.

BTignite are saying that the new limits should increase the number of people on an enabled exchange who can receive the service to over 90%.


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