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Ofcom launches TopComm

Ofcom has launched a website, TopComm, which is designed to provide comparison information, for consumers and businesses, of fixed-line telecoms providers. Ofcom requires all fixed-line providers with a net revenue above £4 million and over 100 million minutes of voice calls per quarter to participate.

The site allows comparison of these five variables:

  • the percentage of orders that are completed on or before the agreed date
  • faults reported per 100 lines on a quarterly basis
  • the percentage of faults repaired within the agreed service time
  • the percentage of complaints processed within 28 calendar days
  • the level of billing accuracy (tracked by the numbers of complaints that are upheld per 1000 bills issued)

This information may be very useful to broadband users who are looking for a bundled broadband and telephone connection as it allows the comparison of the voice part of the service based on actual faults or complaints data from the provider.


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