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More information on forthcoming LLU migration processes

The Register has a little more information on the trial that is ongoing which will make moving back to an IPStream based product from an LLU service easier. Currently most people leaving an unbundled process have to cease the existing service, and get the new one provisioned, which takes around 10 days. The system under trial is set to reduce to a couple of days, which is better but will still be far from perfect, particularly as the signs of having over 1 million LLU lines by the end of 2006 are getting stronger.

The Register has been talking with Plusnet about the issues of LLU migration. Plusnet are in the process of moving around 20,000 customers over to a Tiscali Wholesale LLU system, so while at present the smoothness of migrating onto the LLU platform is paramount, over time migrations away will become an issue.

We reported on the LLU deal with Tiscali's wholesale division in March 2006, and Plusnet has now outlined to its customers an opt-out process for those customers who would rather stay on their existing service platform. For more information visit here, for those who also want to opt-out from the upgrades to 8Mbps line speeds using the BT Wholesale Max products a similar page exists here. For those wanting to read more on the opt-outs, or are perhaps looking for an answer to a question, try looking at our Plusnet forum section, which has some discussion on these issues.


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