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Ofcom issues guidance notes for developers looking to deploy fibre

While the latest document issued by Ofcom does not bring fibre closer to your home, it may help property developers considering putting in a fibre based telecommunications infrastructure. The 'Fibre access for new build premises and Community Broadband Access networks' document is intended to provide some clarity for developers in relation to questions about subjects such as Universal Service Obligations. For the introduction and a link to the full document visit

Fibre deployments for new build properties is becoming more and more common in other countries and is one area where the UK is dragging its heels. There are four main types of deployment a property developer can consider:

  1. Ducting: The physical ducting for carrying a fibre network is installed during building construction, which is then offered to companies to use.
  2. Dark Fibre: As well as putting in ducting they will lay fibre in the ducts.
  3. Wholesale services: In addition to putting in the dark fibre the company will light the fibre, and then offer access via its electronics to service providers.
  4. Retail services: A full end to end service, perhaps with voice, video and Internet access offered, offered to householders and businesses that have moved into the area.


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