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Fancy a second ADSL ISP?

All could become possible with a proposal by BT which will enable end users to switch between upto 5 different BTcentral products. This will allow your current ISP to have a backup fatpipe incase the first went down, and all users could switch over if they couldn't connect on the primary. Alternatively, ISPs could team up and offer resilliance by using a different ISP. This could be in the form of pay an extra £5 a month and you can connect to Easynet instead of Freeserve. This does bring forward interesting new possibilities, and we will have to wait and see how the ISPs target this new possibility that BT are proposing to introduce. They call it LLS - Limited Service Selection.

This will however mean those with static IPs will have a different IP when they connect to another ISP, and those on Ethernet non-NAT will not be able to switch ISP without all their IPs being cleverly routed.

Yes, say hello to PAT. BT is also proposing to introduce PAT - Port Address Translation for their NAT products allowing those who don't want to go for the fully fledged non-NAT to go part of the way and allow access to hosted servers on their network, by clever masquarading functions that have always been available in the routers used. It's not clear at present how these will be defined, but SIN329 implies that it will be specified on the customer requirement form when the End users orders the service. The only problem then is how is it updated?!

Trials of both are due to commence on the 9th of July.


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