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Does no one really want SDSL?

It was only last week that details of the BT Wholesale roll-out of SDSL services was to go into a hold phase. Now it seems a someone at BT has been saying "a very high percentage of the 729 local exchanges that offer SDSL have no SDSL customers at all". More details over at ZDNet UK.

We would endorse the comments made by EasyNet at the end of the ZDNet article. SDSL offers more than simply higher upstream speeds, it is often available at lot lower contention levels than most ADSL connections. A number of providers also other service level agreements, and options where the SDSL hardware is managed, allowing a business to get on with its business rather than running its Internet connection. One irony may be that the general reliability of standard ADSL connections is encouraging businesses to take the gamble of not having a formal SLA in place.


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