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BT Ignite ends allocation system

BT Ignite has announced the end of the 'allocation' scheme for ADSL installations. Under this system, each ISP was allocated 60% of the installations they expected (subject to a minimum number). Chris Gibbs, VP BT Broadband, said: "With supply exceeding the demand for a number of months, it is now possible to withdraw our allocation scheme. We are delighted to announce this positive step forward".

Will this lead to shorter lead times? Well it will depend on the ISP you use--If you use one of the larger providers, then it's likely that your waiting time will be reduced whereas the smaller providers loose their advantage of a guaranteed minimum number of installations.

BT has signed up over 150 ISPs and connected over 54,000 end-users to the ADSL service--Hopefully with the launch of the RADSL service, this fast access will become available to more users.

If you'd like to ask BT Ignite questions about any issue, please remember to sign up for our "Ask the telco" chat with them this Thurday. Click here for more info. [seb]


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