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Broadband4Devon project expands

Businesses in Devon look set to benefit from the expansion of the Broadband4Devon project. The project which started in November 2003, was originally centered around the part of Devon that qualified for Objective 2 funding, but now with extra funding from Devon County Council, the South West of England Regional Development Agency (RDA) and Business Link it is about to expand to cover the whole of Devon. Lots more detail and quotes can be found at

Back in November 2003, the availability of broadband was a major factor, but with 143 out of 160 exchanges now enabled, 6 more with an RFS date, and only 11 considered unviable coverage should be pretty good even if just utilising ADSL technology (source:

Some of the effects of the Broadband4Devon project are a net contribution to the economy of Devon is around £13 million, and the creation of around 400 jobs. As with other broadband projects, it is not just getting a broadband connection to a business, it is about training, helping businesses get the most from the new services.


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