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BT to use Microsoft IPTV platform

Following on from news in recent weeks of TV over broadband content from Telewest and Sky, BT is next on the list. Today has seen an announcement that BT is to use the Microsoft IPTV platform for providing television over the companies broadband network. More details are over at

It seems a trial for TV over broadband is set to start in early 2006, with a commercial launch sometime that summer. The full news story includes quotes from Ian Livingston, Chief Executive of BT Retail, which would suggest this is a move by BT Retail, and may actually be linked to the BT Retail LLU trials that we reported on recently.

The news last week that LLU line rental costs are to fall by 24%, while IPStream and Datastream pricing is kept level, mean that LLU may provide a much cheaper route for BT Retail to launch its own competition to services like HomeChoice.


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