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BT Retail running LLU trial on three exchanges

Information has leaked out onto our forums indicating BT Retail is carrying out a LLU trial in the London area. This started in early June 2005, and is due to run until December 2005. We have contacted BT who provided the following statement:

"BT Retail is currently running an LLU trial that unbundles three London exchanges, Bayswater, Earls Court and Battersea. We are recruiting 300 participants, comprising 50 BT employees immediately and a further 250 external customers in June 2005. BT Retail are utilising exactly the same commercial products and services from BT Wholesale, available to any other ISP wishing to run their own LLU trial, on the same terms and conditions."

BT spokesperson

It should be noted that we believe participation in the trial is by invite only, so no point in chasing BT. It is also understood that the service will start at 2Mbps, with speeds increasing in 1Mbps increments up to 8Mbps. BT Wholesale earlier in 2005 announced trials for a service called MaxDSL with speeds up to 8Mbps, these two trials are not linked, one is run by BT Wholesale to ultimately provide a new IPStream and Datastream product. The BT Retail trial featured in this news story, is based on local loop unbundling, i.e. the same type of connections as Bulldog and UK Online are using to provide their up to 8Mbps services.


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