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Combined router/modem

Currently on the ADSL trials, BT have issued two types of ADSL kit to the end user (imaginatively called Type 1 and Type 2). These have consisted of a Flowpoint 2025 router as seen here; with either an Alcatel ADSL 1000 Modem with a seperate Alcatel splitter, or a combined Fujitsu Modem + Splitter.

The equipment being released for the final service is to consist of a combined ADSL modem / router and 4 port hub (called Type 5!)for the ethernet variant or a USB ADSL modem; both plugging straight into a BT provided face plate.

Alcatel went into partnership with Efficient Networks over the developing and marketing of USB ADSL modems as stated here. Efficient Networks are the parent company to Flowpoint. At a guess the new configuration may use the following Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5711 ATM -> Ethernet router. This however does not include a combined ADSL modem. Perhaps BT will use the SpeedStream 5861.

This connects via DMT direct to the router/modem and offers 4 ethernet interfaces to the user. This however bypasses ATM which is what BT's network is designed on top of. Perhaps a proprietary version of the product has been produced similar to this for BT. Any comments to the message boards are welcomed.


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