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LLU progress update from Ofcom

The independent Office of the Telecoms Adjudicator (OTA) has published via Ofcom an update on the progression towards LLU becoming a massed market product. The full update can be downloaded from the OTA website here. A shorter summary is viewable on the Ofcom site here.

Currently the UK has around 31,000 unbundled lines, with an original target of 50,000 set by the OTA for February 2005. There is a forecast of 2.5m unbundled lines by the end of 2006. The update highlights some issues with LLU, and the fact that as yet the processes are still very manual and prone to delays or faults. Currently around 55% of the time the end-user is up and running on time and with no faults, the target is 75% for February 2005. The OTA concludes though that BT is addressing these issues 'intensely' and that things will improve greatly.


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