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More statistics from Ofcom

Ofcoms monthly Internet and Broadband Update can be found here. This May 2004 update provides data for upto April and February 2004, on subjects like coverage of broadband in the UK and the number of subscribers on the various services.

Take up of broadband in the UK (April 2004)


Total broadband connections 3,992,500
UK homes with broadband 14%
DSL connections 2,446,000
Unbundled local loops (LLU) 11,500
Cable modem connections 1,538,000
Fixed wireless connections 2,500
Satellite Over 6,000
Rate of new connections Over 40,000 per week

Interestingly the number of UK adults that have the Internet at home, and who are using broadband exceeded those using metered narrowband services for the first time in February 2004 (27% versus 25%). 67% of people are still using narrowband (dialup) in its various metered and unmetered forms, and just 1% are using ISDN.


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