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Builders, BTignite and Breweries

It seems it's not worth trying to contact BTignite.

I was trying to contact them concerning some information for a news story and from previous emails we had an 0800 number. Thinking this would be the simplest method I phoned it.

Got through nice and quick and phone was answered with a grunt! Asked who it was at the end and they said a builders yard in Leeds - mmm I thought perhaps I dialed the wrong number, read out what I had dialled and his number bore no relation. Apparently he gets a lot of people phoning trying to get hold of BT. To stop him going mad, we havent published the number.

So would appear that BTignite and BT arent able to provide correct numbers even when it's an email from a member of their helpdesk.

Now you may be wondering where the Brewery comes into it, I'll leave that up to you to figure:-)

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