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Internet access via lamp posts?

Guy Kewney over on his website has details of the plans of a company called Last Mile to bring wireless Internet access to around 150,000 lamp posts.

The revolves around technology that is apparently used for monitoring vehicles, and the aim is to offer a commercial Internet service over the top of this. The idea is interesting, the wireless side is very different from Wi-Fi, as the frequency used is in the 64-65GHz frequency band, compared to 2.4GHz of Wi-Fi.

A lot of emphasis appears to be placed on caching material people will want to have access too, it appears they are confident that 80% of material can be cached in the lamp post, using around 1 to 4GB of memory. Whether a service provider will be interested in providing a service via the system, or whether it will be feasible is something to be discovered.


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