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What happened to ADSLguide?

Since launching in mid-2000, ADSLguide has been carrying the same design that was quickly put together in an ad-hoc fashion John and myself put together in two evenings. We did manage to make it quite flexible, but since then, the site had adapted vastly, bring in more people and better skills. We thought it was time to change this, and as one famous person has said:

"You ain't seen nothing yet!" (No.. honest... WE MEAN IT!)

The new site not only has a new design, it will contain more information in the form of "Questions and Answers" (bear with us as we get these on-line) as well as a Downloads section for drivers (well those Alcatel won't sue us for distributing :-p) and much more to come. We already have our next project days from readiness to launch, and it will be a spectacular event. If you're urging to look at something new, check out the message boards. We welcome feedback on the new design (yes I know the table at the bottom of the message board doesn't line up right now) by e-mail.

In the meanwhile, I would like to renew our plea to any companies willing to help fund a games server for our users--If you feel you can help, please contact [email protected].

If you have any problems navigating the new site or message boards, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected].



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