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New publications from Oftel

Oftel has released several long documents detailing the UK's position in the world Internet market place, both with regards to narrowband and broadband. While the reports do define broadband as "an always-on service, offering data rates of 128kbps and above", the information in terms of consumers opinions is very worthwhile. This allows the inclusion of NTLs 150kbps cable modem service, the Tiscali 150kbps products, and resellers of the Tiscali 150kbps and 256kbps wholesale products.

The three documents represent a wealth of reading, they are:

  • Consumers user of Internet, a survey of residential Internet use based on the answers from 2099 adults, with additional data from a survey of 460 home Internet users.
  • International benchmarking study of Internet access, a report looking at Internet access in France, Germany, Sweden, UK and the US.
  • Annex A, the raw data for the benchmarking study. Page 42 is interesting for people looking to compare UK broadband pricing versus the various packages of other countries.

Update 28/10/03: Several readers have noticed that the UK pricing in Annex A (pages 43 to 47) appears incorrect. We have contacted Oftel, who inform us that the 'Fixed Monthly Charge' includes a proportion of the set-up fee. The activation fee is spread over a three year period and added to the standard monthly fee - hence the the £1 to £7 price differential to the standard retail pricing.


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