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Oftel release July DSL Fact sheet with errors

Oftel has released the July update to its regular DSL Fact Sheet. Unfortunately it appears the game is up - there are what look like lots of copy and paste type errors which means it is difficult to get correct data from the fact sheet unless you have a vague idea of what the numbers should be. After the years that Oftel has being running one would have hoped that they would check publications for factual accuracy before releasing them.

Picking on some of the data from the document and making best guesses at what the numbers should be. At the end of June 2003 there are 1,060,000 users on BT DSL Wholesale products and over 5600 LLU lines in use too. They list 1405 exchanges as having LLU services available - this figure is obviously wrong. The number of BT ADSL exchanges is listed at 1424 exchanges giving coverage to 71% of UK households, though only around 93-95% of these can receive an ADSL service.


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