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BT rolls out more SDSL exchanges - probably

BT Wholesale as expected is to rollout SDSL (Symmetric DSL) beyond London in two stages initially. March 2003 will see 28 additional exchanges supporting SDSL and April 2003 will see another 150 added to the list.

The rollout will result in a mixture of ADSL and SDSL at the exchanges, since it would appear that BT are to deploy SDSL on the existing Fujitsu FDX DSLAMs. Symmetric DSL will appeal to business's looking to do things like having home workers VPN in across the Internet, since the increased Upstream bandwidth means the lines can cope with more users.

Two lists of the exchanges involved in each rollout can be seen in our Announcements forum, March 2003 and April 2003.

The challenge is now firmly on for BT's competitors to offer similar services outside of the London area, otherwise we may see BT becoming the dominant player in the SDSL market also.

Update: BT has contacted us with reference to this news item, to inform us that not all details of this post are entirely accurate. We have sought clarification of the areas that are inaccurate, but as yet no further details. It is believed that BT Wholesale will confirm details of the BT Datastream Symmetric and BT IPstream Symmetric trial extension in the next week.


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