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Fujitsu based ADSL exchanges upgrades

BT Wholesale has informed its customers that upgrades will be occurring to those exchanges that are using the Fujitsu FDX '2nd generation' DSLAM platform. The work will be carried out between 26th January 2003 and 31st January 2003. In an effort to keep disruption to a minimum work will be done during the hours of 2am to 7am.

There will be two outages on each DSLAM affected. Initially a software update to fix an issue of intermittent loss of service, that has caused problems on a few exchanges. This work should take place on the 26th and 27th January and only result in around a five minute outage.

The second upgrade will take place between 28th and 31st January, and will last around ten minutes. This upgrade is to add further diagnostic capabilities to the line cards on the DSLAM.


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