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Problems on newly enabled ADSL exchanges

A number of the exchanges that have just been enabled this week are having problems. The exchanges affected that we are aware of are Kesgrave, Irby, Leek, Paddock Wood and Pembury.

The problem manifests as users are able to obtain DSL synchronisation with the exchange, but any communication beyond this is intermittent, either they cannot log onto the service, or there is very high levels of packet loss.

If you are affected, then initially double check you have the appropriate settings for the BT Wholesale ADSL service and if they are correct then contact your ISP to report a fault. Additionally it is worth checking the BT Test login details of which are here. This fault does happen now and then when connecting new users but it is rare to see so many at once.

BT Wholesale is aware of the problem, but it is important for people to still log the fault, otherwise you may be missed out when a fix is applied. Currently one or two users are connected who have had the DSL Line Card replaced at the exchange, whether this is the long term fix remains to be seen.


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