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Easynet LLU marching on

Easynet has released an end of year statement that summarises its LLU activity over the last twelve months. Their 2002 target of 80 LLU exchanges has been met, and they service over 1500 LLU customers, which is around 90% of the LLU lines currently in service in the UK. Easynets total DSL user base is around 6500 customers, which when you consider that all of these are Office range or better that is a lot of customers.

The average revenue per customer is a measure of the success of Easynets plans; it has risen from £1380 per customer to over £1500 now. The main reason for this is that the 4Mbps and 8Mbps products are in high demand on the LLU exchanges. This demand for ever-higher speed products is no surprise; the scope for applications using lots of bandwidth is increasing rapidly, e.g. video/audio conferencing, VPNs for remote workers.

No figures are available for a target on the number of new exchanges for 2003, but lets hope that Easynet and Bulldog can both exploit the large niche that is waiting for suitable products.


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