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Another first for 10 Gbps connectivity

The number of firsts you can claim for 10 Gbps connectivity is decreasing as TrueSpeed is claiming the one for 10 Gbps to residential properties over a point to point structure, which avoids the local contention element that exists on PON networks.

Our full fibre network was built to be future-proof by design with all customers connected to a 10Gbps-capable port in every cabinet as standard. Offering a 10Gbps box for residential customers was always part of the plan and is a natural next step. The 10G NTE pilot went perfectly and we are now looking forward to offering residential customers speeds of up to 10Gbps before the end of the year, giving them the ultimate in high-performance, highly reliable full fibre connectivity that will satisfy their bandwidth needs for decades.Josef Karthauser, CTO of Truespeed

The TrueSpeed network is already built with 10G SFP+ ports in the cabinets where each customers fibre terminates, so testing the 10 Gbps capable network termination kit (NTE) from Danish vendor DKT A/S was obviously the next step.

No pricing information at this (we have asked) and launch date is a vague later this year, the entry level 200 Mbps service is £47.50/m with the Gigabit product pricing on application.

The current £47.50/m price is something we would expect to drop before the broadband USO takes effect, since the affordability element of the USO means that people in TrueSpeed areas can still invoke the USO if their ADSL or VDSL2 is slow enough. Invoking the USO in areas where full fibre is already available seems slightly perverse but the rules around the USO do mean that if faster options are available but cost more than £45 you can invoke the scheme once its live in 2020. While we are pretty sure that many would happily pay the extra to get the reliability of full fibre there is a large number that just want a service that lets them get on with life and costs around £20/m.


Ecom ( already offer a 10G 'on demand' service over our point to point fibre network which, in reality, is just a case of changing the CPE at the customer end and SFP at the cabinet/POP.

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