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ISPA Awards 2019 launched

You know it is Christmas when see the ISPA Awards announce their launch this year the tradition continues and will end with the gala ceremony and dinner in July 2019.

The ISPA Awards 2019 opened to entrants on Monday 10th December with entries being collected in 12 categories and those wanting to enter should visit

Full list of categories

  1. Best Rural ISP
  2. Best Business ISP
  3. Best Superfast ISP
  4. Best Customer Service
  5. Best Cyber Security
  6. Best Hosted Service
  7. Best VoIP
  8. Best Infrastructure Provider
  9. Best Partnership
  10. Best Customer Solution
  11. Best ISP PR Campaign
  12. Executive of the Year

The Internet Hero and Internet Villain awards will as usual be open for public nominations later in the ISPA Awards timeline. The list of categories changes from year to year and the main changes for 2019 are:

  • The Best Customer Solution Award that recognises an ISP that has delivered a particularly innovation technological solution to a complex customer issue.
  • Best Infrastructure Provider that recognises the growing band of companies revolutionising the communications infrastructure that is now essential to our everyday lives
  • And back by popular demand, the Internet Villain Award, which will go to a public figure who has attacked the values of the Internet or tarnished the reputation of the industry.

The reason the ISPA Awards take so long from starting to announcing the winners is the mixture of technical testing in a number of categories and the need to create the shortlists in each category from which the judging panel can then debate the eventual winner.

We should add as the question surfaces every year, the confirmation of entry is not automatic, since we want to read through the entries and make sure people have entered the right categories, This is usually done in batches so it can be a couple of days or possibly longer for those that submit their entry as they leave the office on Christmas Eve.


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