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Five Liverpool developments now enjoying Hyperoptic Gigabit

With their Gigabit service available in five locations across Liverpool already and more planned such as Wapping Quay, Kings Dock Mill, Princes Dock and City Quay Hyperoptic is ensuring its roll-out is reaching a wider audience.

"This is tremendous news. Hyperoptic’s offer helps transform us into a truly ‘Gig City’ and gives Liverpool a massive competitive edge. We want to grow the scale and breadth of businesses in the digital sector and improving broadband speeds is essential in allowing that to happen. It’s also the foundation for successful home-working and enabling the people of Liverpool to enjoy the best of what true fibre speeds have to offer.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson

Residents in apartments have often missed out on the roll-out of Virgin Media cable broadband in the past and re-developments have often been 'blessed' by Exchange Only lines meaning that FTTC can often pass them by, plus the extra distance involved in routing a phone line around an apartment building can lengthen the line reducing the speed further.

With the 100 Mbps and Gigabit options from Hyperoptic offering symmetric speeds, for those embracing the IPTV and gaming world, watching a film need not slow down your gaming and in fact the fast uploads mean that sharing of game clips is only limited by the speed the games console can render the clips ready for uploading.

Liverpool is a long way from being the slowest part of the UK, with an average download of 31.4 Mbps across the whole city, and if you look at the main four constituencies for the General Election in Liverpool, the Liverpool Walton average is 54 Mbps, Liverpool Riverside 31.7 Mbps, Liverpool Wavertree 38.9 Mbps and Liverpool West Derby 32.7 Mbps.


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