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Discreet wi-fi access points from Solwise

We all know the problem, you want Wi-Fi in every room of the home, but are struggling to get coverage and also satisfy a requirement to not have ugly cables and power supplies all over the place. Well Solwise who has been supplying broadband hardware for many years may have come to the rescue with some discreet in-the-wall access points.

They have two models available which apparently fit a standard back box, and thus should be no more intrusive than a 13A socket. Both units utilise power over Ethernet, meaning that all people need to is run Ethernet to the back of each device.

The Solwise WL-SMART-INWALL sells at £33.01 (inc VAT) and a Pheenet WL-3150P at £78.46 (inc VAT), with the more expensive device supporting multiple SSID/VLAN and with support for a hotspot controller is more suited to hotels and business premises.


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