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YouView to see a post-Olympic launch

YouView will not be launched in time for the Olympics it has been revealed. The BBC's director General, Mark Thompson, said that they would not have a large number of boxes deployed before the Olympics.

"We want a completely stable product that delivers from day one. We want people to have the same experience on YouView that they had with iPlayer. IPTV turns out to be quite difficult to do."

"People want a TV-like experience -- they don't want a search box or quirky keyboard, they want something that feels like TV, but which gives them more choice and functionality."

Mark Thompson, (Director General) BBC

The service is expected to not make it in to consumer homes now until at least September 2012 TalkTalk revealed in their latest financial statement, far delayed from its original plan of being available in the first half of 2011. Some will be unsurprised as the timeline of this project seemed to be optimistic from the start, particularly for something that is deemed to be potentially game-changing for the way people watch television.

YouView being late to market will likely have put off many potential purchasers, many of whom may already have purchased Freeview boxes or TV's that already have services like BBC iPlayer built in, particularly with the Digital Switchover imposing some deadlines. The possible only benefit of a YouView box may be to incorporate the catchup content of other TV channels such as Five and Channel 4 in one place, but it will likely only be a matter of time until Smart TV's offer these too. Bundles through broadband providers like BT and TalkTalk may also release more content


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