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Parental Alert software from Sky

With younger children supervised Internet access is perhaps the best way, but as children get older they start to seek more independence and a parent hovering over their shoulder constantly is likely to result in tantrums.

Sky is attempting to address this with its Sky Parental Alert software, that allows children and teenagers to still access Instant Messaging services, but if it appears there is grooming or other inappropriate behaviour then a text or email alert can be sent to the parent. The system only exposes the part of the conversation that triggers the alert. The firm behind the software is Crisp.

The service is available on a one month free trial, but if you continue to use it, then it will cost £3.50 per month, or £35 if you buy an annual subscription. Sky also offers the McAfee Internet security suite for free to Sky Broadband customers for 12 months, £49.99 per year thereafter. The McAfee Parental Controls are always free for Sky Broadband customers.


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