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PlusNet launch 90-day guarantee

PlusNet have today launched a 90-day guarantee to consumers wanting to switch from their current broadband provider to a service provided by PlusNet. If not completely satisfied with the service, PlusNet will refund the entire subscription. The products are then provided on a one month subscription basis following the first 90-day trial period.

Benefits are also available to existing customers- For every customer recommended, they will receive a one off payment of up to £25, as well as discounts on their monthly subscription.

The offers show PlusNets confidence in their products and service.

"We've introduced this simple satisfaction guarantee because we're proud and confident about our broadband service in comparison with other products on the market.

We already offer a one-month contract which makes PlusNet a confident choice for anyone who isn't currently happy with their current provider. We know customers stay with PlusNet because they are happy, not because they are tied into long contracts."

Neil Armstrong, Products Director at PlusNet

More information can be found on the PlusNet website.


Great deal for someone looking to signup to broadband. Id certainly take it up if i didnt have a provider i was happy with. Ive yet to read the small print but effectively if the statement is accurate this is 3 months broadband free, like plusnet or not you can just leave em after the 90 days and have a refund to boot. I just hope they have an accounts department thats ready for the extra work.

  • over 13 years ago

I think the article should have made it clear that payments need to be made on a monthly basis, then refunded if the customer wishes to leave.

  • wingco1
  • over 13 years ago

If think that essentially it does. John states "If not completely satisfied with the service, PlusNet will refund the entire subscription". This suggests that payments have been made for a refund to be given.

Either way, all the details can be founds here:

  • metronet_james
  • over 13 years ago

Haven't always been their biggest fan but feel this is an excellent move by Plusnet, especially since it may force other ISP's to follow suit.

They could only do this if they started being a little more transparent with their product descriptions, which I can't see happening anytime soon.

  • keith_thfc
  • over 13 years ago

I can't see many serious user going to them, with the extremely bad customer service, but then again they will be nice to you for three months then show their true colours.

  • colurq
  • over 13 years ago

Looks great at first glance. Do check the terms and conditions first though.
If you leave after the 90 days, you will incur the following:
£40.00p activation fee, £64.99p for a wireless router, and £14.99p for swapping over. £119.98p less your 90 days refund. Not so clever now, is it?

  • samrowan
  • over 13 years ago

Errr samrowan not sure what your point there is meant to be, they do make it clear its a 90-day trial period. The types of charges you mention are nothing strange from any ISP for a customer leaving inside a contract period. Infact even if you got charged that its still better then some that would charge you the £2-300 quid for a remainder of a 12 month contract. The 90 day as good as free thing from Plusnet is a good idea really dont see how anyone can critisise, even if the service turned out to be crap you CAN get 3 months for nothing.

  • over 13 years ago

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