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Tiscali e-mail woes..

Tiscali ( last week advised its users to use third party e-mail services whilst it was experiencing problems with its own platform which it was blaming on spammers trying to abuse its service. Some service providers were reporting that they were not receiving any mail from Tiscali even though they were not blocking because of 'RBL' blacklisting entries against Tiscali's IP addresses, suggesting that the problem was more than an RBL listing issue. Also some users have suggested problems e-mailing internally within Tiscali addresses, suggesting that any problem was affecting servers in general.

In a quote on TheRegister, the company re-iterated its position that the e-mail service was a free add-on for its customers and as such users would still be expected to pay for their broadband services. Interestingly, TheRegister refers to a statement from Spamhaus, a company that tracks spam messages via honeytraps, which states they have not witnessed a significant increase in mail from Tiscali addresses which would lead to a blacklist entry prompting speculation as to whether the volume of spam was necessarily responsible for the problems. On the other hand, SORBS has confirmed that they have blacklisted Tiscali, but they expressed surprise that the effect would have been so great.

A couple of years ago, someone claiming to be a Tiscali mail server administrator made a posting onto a mailing list suggesting that senior management in the company did not see spam as a great problem.


And they weren't the only one! The mighty 1&1 (One and One) webmail service experienced ongoing undefined outages over an extended period - more than a week. They too recommended users to use another service while they resolved the problem. :(

  • Tabvla
  • over 13 years ago

A forum poster here says that Tiscali have implemented SPF records, this will result in anyone using a address but a 3rd party SMTP server potentially having email blocked at recipients using SPF as a filter mechanism.

  • herdwick
  • over 13 years ago

How can e-mail be free, as part of the Broadband connection, all e-mail goes through their server, you have no choice, no matter what the originating address. All my mail was lost, from any POP address, via the Tiscali server. Their customer support is so poor, they give no information, just stock replies from India. They are the worst ISP I have ever come across, and we havn't mentioneed the lack of speed yet. Where is the 5Mb/s BT said I would get, Tiscali can only make 2Mb/s?

  • johnh24
  • over 13 years ago

A whole 2MB/s? I left Tiscali as I could only manage less the 1MB at any time! When I left they charged my for a further month but blocked my access to my emails, so whatever is in my inbox is gone forever. I joined Talk Talk, now get over 61/2 Mb. Not the best ISP but with the International package I'm quids in so I can put up with some problems, none are as bad as my time with Tiscali however!

  • Gerdy
  • over 13 years ago

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