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Biscit/V21, NetServices and EzeeDSL - Update

The saga between Biscit, new owner of ISP V21, its former supplier NetServices and another NetServices reseller EzeeDSL continues today. To recap, after Biscit acquired the ISP V21, NetServices presented them with an invoice for old bandwidth charges since December 2005 which Biscit rejected. Since then, NetServices has suspended services and has been encouraging customers to sign up with another reseller EzeeDSL. NetServices and Biscit are in disagreement as to the validity of the invoices.

Biscit has today announced it has begun re-connecting V21 customers who have been disconnected by NetServices after they failed to sign up with EzeeDSL on its own platform. According to a Biscit press release, Netservices claim to have transfered about a quarter of V21's customer base to EzeeDSL.

"For many V21 customers, 15/11 was possibly the blackest day in British broadband history and NetServices has much to answer for. For very obvious reasons, bar the fact that many, if not all of my counterparts across the industry will be wary of doing business with NetServices going forward, further comment cannot be made at this stage."

Hugh Paterson (CEO), Biscit/V21

Biscit/V21 have requested the V21 authentication realms to be returned to V21 by NetServices so that they can re-use them within their other platform.

Whilst this is happening, EzeeDSL are e-mailing all the users who have signed up requesting them to change their login details by Monday to retain the ability to continue being able to login to the service, presumably expecting that they will lose the V21 realm very soon. An e-mail to users says:


Dear valued ezeeDSL customer

Firstly, please let us welcome you to ezeeDSL.

As you are no doubt aware, your username has not changed since the move to our service, however, as of Monday 11/12/06 your ADSL broadband username and password will need to change.

This is unfortunately beyond our control, as we are now unable to continue to use this username which your previous service provider issued to you. Ideally, this change should not have been required.

It is now vital that you follow the instructions below to ensure continuity of your service.

It is simple to complete and will take a couple of minutes!

Your new adsl account connection details will be as follows:



In the unlikely event that you experience any problems please email [email protected] or call 08712401122


Season's greetings
The ezeeDSL team

EzeeDSL E-mail to former V21 users

Biscit/V21 have made their intentions to proceed with legal action against NetServices clear, so watch this space.


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