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Orange looking at charging for repeat migration requests

Orange looks set to be the largest provider that charges an administration fee to issue a migration authorisation code (MAC), which is needed to change service providers with minimal interruption to your broadband. Details of the plans are over on The Times Online.

The first time a customer requests a migration code it will be issued free, but subsequent requests for a new code are going to attract a £12 charge. Another new fee is that Orange customers who do not pay their broadband bill on time will see a £5 late payment charge. Orange states that the reason for the £12 charge is that it costs them each time they generate a code, it should be emphasised that BT Wholesale and Openreach generate the code for free, and service providers have the chance to automate the process reducing the level of human involvement at their end.

We don't know how many customers at Orange request a second or third migration code, but this charge may bring an end to people trying to stimulate Orange into offering them retention deals when the customer really had no intention of moving. Where it will be annoying for the consumer is where they are moving to a new provider and obtain the migration code a bit early, this can be an issue with providers that have high demand and run a queuing system (for example Talk Talk), that may take longer than 30 days to get the user connected. The timing of when you request migration code will be critical, hopefully the gaining provider will provide an accurate timetable so people can judge when to request the migration code.

Orange is not the first provider to charge an admin or exit fee for leaving a service provider, but as the largest it is likely to get the most attention for its move. Exit fees from a service provider carry risks for the whole market sector as consumers may feel locked into a provider unfairly, which will reduce churn, but may as a side-effect reduce the number of new sign-ups. For Oranges existing customer base we do not know for sure whether it is going to apply this charge to those under contract now, and if it does it raises the issue of whether it is a fair change to an existing contract.


Oh great, first banks start pathetic charges, now ISP's... what next? :(

I can sort of see the point in late payment charges, but the charge for MAC's looks purely just to be a profit-maker (i.e. is not related to the actual 'costs' incurred).

The future's not looking so bright now, is it Orange?

  • demonuk
  • over 14 years ago

Customers on contracr will receive the new charge as a change in terms and conditions which were emailed about four weks ago. Orange will also charge £1 if you do not pay by direct debt from mid December.

  • mmraja
  • over 14 years ago

Well i have done yet another speed test as my isp is orange, i am supposed to be on there 8meg connection check below.

Date 07/12/06 20:24:46
Speed Down 228.08 Kbps ( 0.2 Mbps )
Speed Up 376.94 Kbps ( 0.4 Mbps )

I think orange should put more of an effort into giving us a decent broadband service then spending more time thinking of ways to rip us off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

  • shmichael_2
  • over 14 years ago

I to have had problems with my downspeed the lowest been 74Kbps, usually I would get 300-350Kbps. I was supposed to be on 4Mb after upgrading from 2Mb. I thought my Netgear router was at fault so I am using the Orange livebox now. I have gone back on 2Mb now and my speed is more constant. It would seem Orange as a problem with speeds.

  • mmraja
  • over 14 years ago

it would appear orange has problems with every aspect of its service, repeat fee for mac will not be aproblem i'll be getting one soon and leaving never to return

  • rogerk
  • over 14 years ago

i had alate payment charge by accident but it was removed when i asked for migration code but iam stillcharged 17 99 per month i asked for new price but i was told i would have to sign up for another 12 months does anyone know of good resinably priced nodown limit isp

  • diger60
  • over 14 years ago

Orange as a problem with speeds not happy with them Customer Support very poor. when you phone them its take very very long time to answer.

  • srk1
  • over 14 years ago

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