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Advanced Data Services ceases trading

Euro1Net has featured on broadband news sites as well as the mainstream news media, and it appears that the company has now ceased trading according to an email sent out to customers. The email sent to customers is from Advanced Data Services who trade under the name Euro1Net, a copy of this is reproduced in full below:

"From: Euro1Net
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 5:23 PM
Subject: Important Customer Notice

Important Customer Notice:

Advanced Data Services has ceased trading.

Dear Customers,

Despite our communications with a number of ISP's who were interested in taking our users and or our company as a going concern, it is with great regret and sadness that we have to report that our talks have proved fruitless.

The recent actions of BT disconnecting the majority of our customers on the 21st August 2006 with no notification that they were going to do so on that date and the frenzied inaccurate media reporting which quickly followed, have had a dramatic impact on our business.

As a direct consequence of the media speculation and negative publicity, other suppliers and service providers including our bank have all now withdrawn their services. This means that our current financial obligations can no longer be met.

As we are now unable to meet our financial obligations we have had no alternative but to make the difficult decision to make our very loyal staff redundant.

Since BT disconnected our users, we have been working tirelessly under difficult circumstances to try and reconnect all our customers to alternative suppliers. However, as we were prevented by BT from generating Migration Authorisation Codes (MAC's) which not only meant our customers would be without service for longer, but also meant that any possible reconnections with an alternative supplier would have cost around 300% more to connect each customer as a new connection, than they would have done as a migration.

These additional costs proved too much to bear for us and the potential buyers of our company who would have needed to pay BT Wholesale an additional £160,000 in connection fees.

We would like to apologise to all our customers and would like to thank them for the support that has been offered during this difficult period.

As we have ceased trading and can no longer provide a service to our customers, all customers will be free to connect with another provider of their choice. If in doubt, please contact BT for information on whether your line is clear of our service.

We shall be making a formal complaint to Ofcom concerning the way BT conducted the termination of our customers' service, the impact that this in turn had on our customers and our company as a whole. We look forward to their findings.

From the staff at Euro1Net"

Copy of Email to Euro1Net customers

This therefore means that those customers who were with Euro1Net and using the Talk and Surf product will also be affected. Since this is breaking news there is no firm information on when these customers lines will be ceased, or if a migration code will be available. The Euro1Net letter does confirm that those already being cut off will have no option but to find a new provider who does a free or subsidised activation or pay another activation fee of £47.

It is interesting to see press coverage being blamed for other suppliers pulling the plug, one would have expected a company to have pursued the matter urgently through the courts if the press was mis-reporting the situation.

For Euro1Net customers affected and who are looking for moral support and help with what to do next, try visiting our Euro1Net section where you can at least find out what others are doing.


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