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BT carrying out engineering work on exchanges

BT has announced a calendar of engineering work that will affect around 30 DSLAM's per night until October 2006. The schedule split down into regions of the UK is shown below.

  • Central Midlands 4th September and 5th September
  • South Midlands 6th September
  • West Midlands 7th September
  • East Midlands 8th to 13th September
  • North Scotland 14th September
  • West Scotland 15th September to 18th September
  • East Scotland 19th September
  • Wales (North) 20th September
  • Northern Ireland 21st September
  • East Anglia 22nd September to 25th September
  • South Downs 26th September
  • Southampton 27th September
  • Severn Side 28th September
  • South Wales 29th September
  • North London 2nd October
  • South London 3rd October
  • Central London 4th October
  • North Downs 5th October
  • Thamesway 6th October
  • Mid Yorkshire 9th October
  • South Lancashire 10th October
  • Lancashire 11th October
  • Liverpool 12th October
  • Manchester 12th October
  • North East 13th October
  • Cornwall 13th October

The work is part of network upgrades and will occur between midnight and 6am, with people possibly experiencing a downtime of 30 minutes on the night of the work. Therefore if your area is scheduled for work one evening and your connection drops do not panic, but wait for a while before contacting your providers support team. BT is also recommending that if after the outage that you cannot reconnect that you switch your ADSL hardware off for a minute and then switch it back on.


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