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Plusnet experiencing power problems at Telehouse- Update

Some PlusNet customers posting in our forums are reporting no Internet access over their connections starting at around 8am today, see the posts here. It appears that may have been a power issue affecting PlusNet services at Telehouse. Updates for PlusNet customers can be found from their ISP at the Service Status pages.

Looking at the bandwidth usage stats that PlusNet publish, you can see a sharp drop in the number of customers online and downloading at around 7:50am.

Update 12:20:A number of suites in Telehouse North lost power, those PlusNet customers connecting via Telehouse East were not affected. It is believed around two thirds of the providers customers should be able to get back online at this time, with further updates expected.

Update is another provider affected by the problems, and their status pages can be found here, Netscalibur a provider owned by are also believed to be affected.


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